NTCA:  discus, javelin, hammer, shotput

National Throws Coaches Association: discus, javelin, hammer, shotput

The NTCA would like to thank all participants in the 2007 NTCA Conference and Clinic

"The NTCA Conference is what Heaven should be like"
Brian Oldfield - November 18, 2007

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NTCA at Westside Barbell - Click here for video highlights

Watch Glenn Thompson (Long & Strong Throwers Journal) and Gerry McEvoy (Mac Throw Video) interview the throwing greats:  A.G. Kruger, Jud Logan, Reese Hoffa, John Powell, Harold Connolly, Wilbur "Moose" Thompson, Al Schoterman, Connie Price-Smith, Al Feuerbach, Brian Oldfield, Mac Wilkins.

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